Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I took the kids to the Santa Barbara Zoo over spring break. It was loads of fun but I couldn't get the kids to look any many animals because they were having so much fun on the hill. They have an artificial grass hill and cardboard box pieces for the kids to use to slide down the hill. They had a blast but then it got me thinking...what about adding this to our future home play area? I found a link to some neat play area suggestions including a mini putting green.

Outdoor play area is available year round No more restricted outdoor time due to maintenience requirements or soggy grass

  • Reduction in your children's chemical exposure
    No need to fertilize the lawn anymore
  • Grass allergy reactions
    Are greatly reduced
  • Kids stay cleaner
    Less mud is tracked indoors and you can say goodbye to grass stains
  • Childcare Facility with our Artificial GrassFewer owies
    Synthetic grassis non-abrasive
  • Much more attractive and play-friendly
    As compared to alternative rubber matting or wood chips
  • No mess or splinters
    As compared to wood chips
  • Wild animals and insects
    Are deterred by artificial turf
  • Conserves water
    Protect our children's futures

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