Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crayon Valentines

I recently came across instructions on how to make crayons and decided to try it.
I bought a small heart shaped pan from IKEA but couldn't find it so I got this one at Target. Consequently I had to use more crayons because the hearts are larger but it all worked out. Here's the basic instructions:
What you'll need:
shaped pan of your choice, crayons (I used my kids old broken ones), knife or Exacto.

First, take of crayon labels off with a knife by making a slit down the side of the crayon. Next, break or cut up the crayons in smaller 1/2" pieces, place them in the pan and fill to the top. Bake in the oven at 250 for 10-15 minutes. Cool until set.

Easy Peasy Factor: 2/10

Finally, I finished them off my using the Stampin Up! stamp set called Sweet Centers. I never use this set but finally thought, Hey, that might work...and it did. I think they're super cute and Dawson loves them. We made 24 for his preschool class.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Yarn Wreath

Okay, so I totally love, love, love argyle and will find an excuse to wear crazy argyle socks even when it's not appropriate or stylish. (Soon will be other projects involving argyle, but I digress). I've been seeing so many neat color combinations of yarn wreaths I had to make one. Now I have several that I rotate on the front door but for now here's one that I like because the colors are a little more muted. Here's the result.

You'll need
Two bolds of yarn, choose two colors of felt, one straw wreath with the wrapper ON, spray glue, and wreath pins.
(Tip: roll your first bold of yarn into a ball before wrapping your wreath, it's easier and faster.)
Easy Peasy Factor: 3/10
For the perfect shape diamond check out http://www.coloring.ws/simple_shapes.htm

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ice cream cone cake pops

Ice cream cone cake pops like the ones made famous by Bakerella.
Check out karaspartyideas.com and how she used sprinkles to cover the ugly green foam. LOVE this idea.
This project has EasyPeasy factor of: 5/10 (totally doable). My daughter helped.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentine Peeps

katie and i made these for her kindergarten class. they're really easy and puts a new spin on a plain ol' peep. here's what you'll need:
chocolate (color of your choice), spinkles, suckers sticks, baggies, ribbon, Peeps, 2 bowls, and wax paper

 gently push a sucker stick into each Peep. melt chocolate according to package directions.
dip the top portion of the Peep into chocolate. gently shake to remove excess chocolate.
dip into sprinkles

 place on wax paper to set. to cool faster, stickem' in the fridge on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper.

 once set, place in a bag and finish it off with a ribbon. then have your cute model pose with it.

This project has EasyPeasy factor of: 2/10

movie theme birthday party

i love party themes and this year was no exception. my daughter wanted a movie party at nana's house so we did our next to make it special. here's a few highlights.

 marshmallow pops and fun paper straws

the "consession" adds a special touch

popcorn bags i found on esty.com

Welcome to Sugar Swagger!

So I'm new to this but I figured what the heck, I'll try. I'm always making, trying, experimenting, find and gathering new things. Why not share it with everyone, right?