Monday, January 30, 2012

Yarn Wreath

Okay, so I totally love, love, love argyle and will find an excuse to wear crazy argyle socks even when it's not appropriate or stylish. (Soon will be other projects involving argyle, but I digress). I've been seeing so many neat color combinations of yarn wreaths I had to make one. Now I have several that I rotate on the front door but for now here's one that I like because the colors are a little more muted. Here's the result.

You'll need
Two bolds of yarn, choose two colors of felt, one straw wreath with the wrapper ON, spray glue, and wreath pins.
(Tip: roll your first bold of yarn into a ball before wrapping your wreath, it's easier and faster.)
Easy Peasy Factor: 3/10
For the perfect shape diamond check out

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