Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sweet Heart Cake

For Katie's party we needed a little sweet treat for the moms so I got our my heart-shaped pan. The trick to any shaped pan is Pam cooking spray and flour. I've messed up plenty of cute cake molds to figure that one out so make sure to treat your pan before pouring a cake mix into it. I used a Devil's Food cake mix then took a tub of frosting and loaded half of it into a pastry bag, snipped the tip of the bag and drizzled the frosting back and forth around the cake. I added rose colored Wilton food coloring to the remaining frosting and loaded the rest into the same bag. You'll get this white and pink streaming effect which I think is pretty cool and messy looking. I pipped the rest of the frosting around the cake then topped it with silver shimmering sugar from Williams Sonoma. I love that the cake is pretty yet messy.

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