Thursday, July 5, 2012

Paint the Town Tshirt

John's birthday is never too far so we decided to make a t-shirt for him based on the T created by but of course I need to change it up a bit.
First, because I had trouble with the printable template she had on her page and secondly, I always have to make "inspiration projects" personal to me and my family.

Here's what you'll need:
- Plain white shirt (I got mine at Target)
- Paper and pencil for laying out your design
- Fabric paint or fabric markers ( I like to use POSCA Markers, they are awesome)
- Cars to drive on your town and maybe even some little people)

First I laid out a basic sketch of our "town" on a piece of paper to get an idea of the "places" we wanted to add to our town. We wanted to add places my husband likes and visits so we added a "bike path" (because my husband often rides his bike to work), "wine country" (because we live in wine country and we love wine), a "movie theater" (because we love seeing movies together), a "water park" (because we have a season pass and take the kids often) a "camping" spot (because we love camping together), a "hospital" (because my hubby is a doctor) and a "fire station" at the request of my son. I love it because it's so personal.

I put a layer of smooth cardboard paper between the front and back of the tshirt so it wouldn't go through to the front. Next, I free handed the outside path of the town on the back of the tshirt. Then filled in the "places". Next, I called the kids into action and asked them to paint the town. They enjoyed painting it and deciding the colors of each building.
It doesn't have to be perfect. It's from the kids (and mom) and it's for dad who will 100% love anything the kids make so don't worry about perfection. It's not going to happen unless you and your kids are painting prodigies.
Have fun!

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