Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rock It

While at the beach with the family I came across these smooth rocks. I collect flat smooth ones to help label wine and cheese at my next gathering. It also got my thinking that you can use them just about anywhere you want to label something or even just leave a special message for someone.

What you'll need:
several smooth, flat rocks
black chalkboard paint (found at Micheal's)
paint brush
chalk to write with

Start off by dusting the rocks clean. Apply two coats to both sides of each rock and let dry. Once they're dry for a few hours you can write on them. I tried using watercolor crayons and they worked well, too. These make great and easy gifts even your kids will enjoy making. TIP: you can also paint small rocks and hot glue them to the back of each larger rock so they slant slightly off of a cutting board.

 My favorite cheese, Ewephoria.

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