Thursday, June 14, 2012

41 Acts of Kindness

I recently came across two websites, Action for Happiness and The Happy Movie and immediately felt motivated to get happy (or happier.) We can all benefit from more happiness and when we are happy we pass it on to others.

I joined "the Happy Movement," a 28 day program that brings happiness to the center of our lives. You can Sign up here.

Action for Happiness is a movement for positive social change. They're bringing people together from all walks of life who want to play a part in creating a happier society for everyone. How cool is that? It provides tons of information and plans for happiness.
There are Actions to move you in the right direction. The first one, Take the Action for Happiness pledge. Simple, right?

We've all heard of random acts of kindness but do we perform them?  Here's a list of suggested acts of kindess from Action for Happiness to get you started: My favorite is highlighted below.

1. Give up your seat
2. Hold a door open for someone
3. Give a (sincere) compliment
4. Make someone laugh
5. Give someone a hug
6. Take time to really listen to someone
7. Let one car in on every journey
8. Make someone new feel welcome
9. Help someone who's lost
10. Have a conversation with a stranger
11. Pick up litter as you walk
12. Let someone in front of you in the queue
13. Read a story with a child
14. Tell someone they mean a lot to you
15. Let someone have your parking spot
16. Offer your change to someone struggling to find the right amount
17. Treat a loved one to breakfast in bed
18. Buy cakes or fruit for your colleagues
19. Invite your neighbour round for a drink and a chat
20. Offer to help with someone's shopping
21. Tell someone if you notice they're doing a good job
22. Pass on a book you've enjoyed
23. Say sorry (you know who to)
24. Forgive someone for what they've done
25. Visit a sick friend, relative or neighbour
26. Buy an unexpected gift for someone
27. Bake something for a neighbor
28. Pay for someone in the queue behind
29. Do a chore that you don't normally do
30. Help out someone in need
31. Offer to look after a friend's children
32. Offer to mow your neighbour's lawn
33. Donate your old things to charity
34. Give food to a homeless person and take time to talk with them
35. Visit someone who may be lonely
36. Give blood (if you're able)
37. Get back in contact with someone you've lost touch with
38. Organize a fundraising event
39. Volunteer your time for a charity
40. Plan a street party
41. Leave a generous tip on a small tab

Which one will you choose to do today? Pass on the happy...

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