Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Picnic Series: Painting on Location

One of my favorite classes in art school was Watercolor Painting. The medium was great but what made it my favorite was our location.  Each class the instructor had us meet at a new location. We met at greenhouses, farms, stables, parks, bridges, gardens, etc. It was summertime and it was beautiful being outside and being creative. I loved it.
To me, the whole point of picnicing is to enjoy your surrounding and soaking up the outdoors and sun for that matter. So today we will paint on location.
You don't need to be a pro to begin painting just a willingness to try. You may suprise yourself. Since I am taking the kids I made each of them travel case similar to the one I once used in college.

what you'll need:
tool box or tote
water color paint of your choice (i got the kids Crayola washable watercolor paint)
2-3 brushes
container of water
water color paper
sketch paper
paper towel

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